Holy August Batman! (Latest Newsletter)

Hello Friends, Old And New!

It's been a while since my last newsletter and we have quite a bit of catching up to do!

  I spent a few weeks traveling down to Texas and back, hung out in Nashville for a spell, drove up to Canada, and I've just returned from the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in upstate NY. I learned a ton about myself, and about being a traveling singer/songwriter.

Over the past few months I have also been finishing up my EP. For those of you who just joined me, I ran a Kickstarter campaign in December to fund the project. It is different from my first album 'Crimson', which is still available on all online platforms, as well as CD Baby where you can order a hard copy. Or just come hang out at a live show and I'll sign it for ya! The EP (Extended Play) contains 6 songs. I'll get into detail about the recording process when I release it, but I am thrilled about these songs and how they developed. I'm sending it out for mastering this coming week. As I say to my guitar before every gig, stay tuned!

Before I go on, I want to tell you about a few upcoming dates.

My Birthday is this weekend! I will be singing with my friend Toby Tobias at Mac's Steakhouse from 8-11. If you are in or around Huntington, Long Island, tomorrow night 8/12, come celebrate with us!



  • Aug 16 - LIVE At Deepwells w/ Rachael Kilgour // Saint James, NY


  • Aug 25 - Greenwich Village Showcase // New York, NY


  • Aug 31 - Pianos w/ Mike Tedesco // New York, NY
  • Sep 6 - House Concert w/ Mike Tedesco // Cambridge, IL

  • Sep 7 - Uncommon Ground w/ Mike Tedesco // Chicago, IL


  • Sep 8 - 10 - House Concert w/ Will Pfrang and Mike Tedesco // Milwaukee, WI

  • Sep 15 - Burlap and Bean w/ Mike Tedesco // Newtown Square, PA

  • Sep 16 - Great Eastern Music Festival // Montauk, NY

  • Sep 23 - Common Ground Coffeehouse Supporting Pesky J. Nixon // Hastings-On-Hudson, New York, NY

 I'm looking forward to seeing you out there! In September, Mike Tedesco and I are doing a mini tour to Wisconsin and back. You can help us out by telling your friends in the area that we are passing through -  More details can be found on my website - Follow this link TOUR PAGE

I would like to send a quick shout out to my new friends in Canada! Thank you for welcoming me into the Mariposa Folk Festival family! It was a beautiful weekend and I will be making plans to return for a tour next year.

As I mentioned, I am fresh off of a weekend at the Falcon Ridge Festival. (See the image at the top, taken by Neale Eckstein under the Big Orange Tarp, a late night showcase hosted by Alan Rowoth). The festival has been an oasis for me since the first time I attended in the summer of 2012. So it was especially poignant for me to return as a Most Wanted Artist, and share the main stage with Kipyn Martin and Bettman & Halpin. Welcome new Falcon Ridge friends! I look forward to seeing you throughout the year, and of course at Falcon Ridge 2018. I know some of you are already packing ;)

The last thing I want to mention in this newsletter is the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference. For those of you who are not familiar, it is a musicians networking conference where you can schedule and submit for opportunities to play for venue owners and radio DJs. I have been attending for three years and in many ways I have grown up in this community. This year I am thrilled to announce (and by thrilled I mean I jumped up and down in the living room when I heard the news) that I have been selected to play a Formal Showcase. Thank you to all my folk spirit guides for helping me find my way. You know who you are.

Well, folks...I'm sure there's more, but it's Friday night and I have tours to plan! I'll see you when I see you!




Opening for Miles To Dayton!




We are pleased to welcome Miles to Dayton back to the Patchogue Theatre Main Stage for their third headline performance in celebration of their fourth album, "Forces Unknown." Since their first Live in the Lobby performance ten years ago, they've become a beloved part of the PTPA "family" of local musicians over countless performances by the full band and individual members.

At the heart of their unique marriage of styles lies a real-life marriage: vocalist Krista Preddice shares the microphone with husband Jonathan Preddice, who proposed to Krista on our stage at their last show in 2009. In addition to being the principal songwriter for the group, Jon also shines on guitar, cello, accordion, and trumpet. Bassist Dave March (Krista’s brother) and dynamic violinists Leanne Strom and Alisa Rabbitt (Jon’s sisters) add depth to the vocal harmonies, with Dave’s low, soulful bass and the double violin soaring classical virtuosity providing the sonic bookends for the M2D sound. Drummer Brian Kroll propels the music forward with an exciting and funky edge.
“A mix of folk, country and classical music, delivering four-part harmonies and improvisational violin and cello parts, Miles to Dayton is stacked with solid musicianship and is definitely worth checking out.”

– Relix Magazine

Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot had a love child, raised with the help of godmothers Judy Collins and Maria Muldaur. Surely this is how singer/songwriter Kirsten Maxwell got her start. A listen to her voice and turn-of-phrase/lyrics, and these luminaries will be brought to mind. Kirsten released her debut album, "Crimson," this year. The first standout element of this recording is the purity of Kirsten’s voice. Sweet, with a presence and intimacy. A compilation of eleven original songs on love and longing, "Crimson" is the kind of album you embrace when it's time to let go.


9/1 – Caffe Vivaldi NYC

9/2 – Jack Halyards with The KT Connection LI

9/4 – Bradstock Festival LI

9/10 – Labyrinth Café FL

9/16 - Mudville Music Room FL

9/17- White Springs Folk Club FL

9/22 – Milk and Sugar LI

9/23 – Patchogue Theater LI (Opening for Miles To Dayton)

9/24 - Acoustic Café Music Series NJ (Opening for End of America)

9/25 – Caleb Smith Preserve Festival LI with Mike Tedesco

9/28 – 10/2 – South West Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) Conference