Opening for Miles To Dayton!




We are pleased to welcome Miles to Dayton back to the Patchogue Theatre Main Stage for their third headline performance in celebration of their fourth album, "Forces Unknown." Since their first Live in the Lobby performance ten years ago, they've become a beloved part of the PTPA "family" of local musicians over countless performances by the full band and individual members.

At the heart of their unique marriage of styles lies a real-life marriage: vocalist Krista Preddice shares the microphone with husband Jonathan Preddice, who proposed to Krista on our stage at their last show in 2009. In addition to being the principal songwriter for the group, Jon also shines on guitar, cello, accordion, and trumpet. Bassist Dave March (Krista’s brother) and dynamic violinists Leanne Strom and Alisa Rabbitt (Jon’s sisters) add depth to the vocal harmonies, with Dave’s low, soulful bass and the double violin soaring classical virtuosity providing the sonic bookends for the M2D sound. Drummer Brian Kroll propels the music forward with an exciting and funky edge.
“A mix of folk, country and classical music, delivering four-part harmonies and improvisational violin and cello parts, Miles to Dayton is stacked with solid musicianship and is definitely worth checking out.”

– Relix Magazine

Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot had a love child, raised with the help of godmothers Judy Collins and Maria Muldaur. Surely this is how singer/songwriter Kirsten Maxwell got her start. A listen to her voice and turn-of-phrase/lyrics, and these luminaries will be brought to mind. Kirsten released her debut album, "Crimson," this year. The first standout element of this recording is the purity of Kirsten’s voice. Sweet, with a presence and intimacy. A compilation of eleven original songs on love and longing, "Crimson" is the kind of album you embrace when it's time to let go.