Hello! I hope everyone is healthy and happy following the holiday season. I have just returned from India! After soaking in the savory sun through the palm fronds, the cold was exceptionally bitter when we arrived at the airport last night. The whole adventure screamed 'Eat, Pray, Love,' especially when our plane made a quick stop in Milan on the way home! It was an immensely impactful trip. I am filled with gratitude for the growth; spiritual, emotional, and possibly physical (they loved to feed us and food was out of the world) that I have known.

Now I am back home and looking forward to getting this show (literally and figuratively) on the road! My Album is soon to be completed and I am hoping to release it late February/early March. I've started booking some gigs, so I will get those up on the site soon. Please feel free to reach out and keep in touch! Don't forget to sign the mailing list (simply scroll down) and stay tuned for updates.